We're excited to announce Zbox is now live!

Zbox is a zero-details, privacy-focused cloud storage for applications. It helps applications store files securely, privately and reliably. By embedding an encrypted virtual file system ZboxFS, it provides a secure and private repository for applications.

Unlike other cloud storage, Zbox puts privacy as top priority. It encrypts everything on client side, including file content, directory and metadata. Unencrypted data never leaves application's memory.

More than just encryption, all data stored in Zbox is packed into same-sized blocks before transmission, leaves no details to outside.

Zbox uses state-of-the-art cryptography, hardware-accelerated AES-256-GCM, XChaCha20-Poly1305, Argon2 password hashing and etc.

Zbox supports content-based and file-based deduplication, also uses blazingly fast LZ4 for data compression.

File content versioning is also available in Zbox, any changes made to files are reliably kept in records.

Zbox cloud storage is powered by a globally distributed, highly-secure CDN, which provides further protection for your data both in transition and on cloud.

We are now launching Zbox and encourage all of you to try it out. If you use it, please share your feedback with us on @ZboxFS or by emailing support@zbox.io. Try it out, and keep your privacy protected!


The Zbox Team